The Past Life Library is a collection of five fully illustrated journals, each accompanied by a nine song music album and presented in the form of an app. The stories follow the footsteps of one girl as she becomes entangled
in five of her lifetimes.


The series of APPs are both journals and albums, combining music, poetry,
photography, art and fashion to tell the stories.



 runaway painter

 revenge artist




 words tell stories of the outside

whispers rhyme truths from the inside

dance with me




by Clare-Rose







Credits & Thank You’s




Kat Soutar, Francis Lim, Yongho Moon



J-Cay, Dazastah, Lee Head, Lee Verity, Aimee Chapman, Lou Kewene,
Patrick Grant, Sergio Medina, Sean Mcaffery


Hamford McDonald, Vivienne Gay, Layla Hanbury, Homeboy Sandman,
Kalae Hassel, Tongo Eisen-Martin, Jive Poetic, Renan Goskin,
Tim Heath, Chris Leigh, Victor Holder, JoysSoul


Everything Else: 
Laura, Tansy, Mahogany, Brockis, Ivy, Khan, Victoria, Josh, KateK, Lmnop, MarsJ, Hernan, Bo, Mum, Dad, Suzi, Adam, Jan, Roc, Nick, Charles, Rach, Elliot, Henry, Sara, Kydd, Kate, Jimmy, Louise, Haro, Lamin, Alex, Amber, Richard, Lib, Ro, Simon, Jaquie, Felix, Bonnie, Carolyn, Andrew, Pepe, Sheldon, Frank, Amy, Phoebe, Arthur, Michael, Xuke, Bray, Samina, Kent, Vanessa, Michal, Michelle, Ruslan, Naoko, Alisha, Gianna, Steve, Daniyan, Cheree, Bul, Gary, Monica, Monique, Jacinta, Orlando, Amanda, Sean, Ruby, Marylin, Coco, Richo, Ollie, John & Lil John, Paula, Steven, Mim, Hank, Gof, Piccolos, Rish, Suzie, Combe, Del, Rachie, RJ, Raelle, Ella, Emma, Clare, Ben, Gladys, Tara, Great Uncle Peter, Hollywood, Nuyorican, Claypots & the ocean.

Dedicated to my Grandmothers, Grandfathers & Grandchildren.